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          2021年04月19日 14:01 來源:中國新聞網參與互動參與互動


            用戶在Redbubble網站輸入“I am not Chinese”的關鍵詞搜索,就會跳出諸如“Yes, I am Asian. No, I am not Chinese.”等字樣的180多個搜索相關結果。


            這并非Redbubble網站首次售賣含有暴力口號的產品。 據媒體報道,Redbubble 2011年就曾因發行印制“文青希特勒”(Hipster Hitler)圖片的襯衫遭到澳大利亞猶太社區的抵制。





            具有亞裔血統的德國專家Kimiko Suda 今年3月底在接受媒體采訪時說,一個種族主義者才不管你從哪里來,你長著亞洲人的模樣,他們就會對你動手。


            美籍韓裔作家Euny Hong 2020年5月在《紐約時報》 網站上發表評論文章中曾寫道,遇到種族歧視時,無論歧視對象是誰,我們應該本能地憤怒而不是撇清自己。

            'I'm not Chinese' T-shirts fuel racial hatred

          While "Stop Asian Hate" is an on-going wave against discrimination, "Yes, I am Asian. No, I am not Chinese" is suspected of sowing exclusion and discord. (Pic by Yao Lan)

            By Xin Haiguan

            (ECNS)--With massive protests against Anti-Asian hatred in full swing, people are calling out Redbubble, a Melbourne-based print-on-demand fashion and art company, for promoting products exclusive of Chinese.

            Entering "I am not Chinese" into its search box yields 187 results with a variety of slogans, including "Yes, I am Asian. No, I am not Chinese."

            While "Stop Asian Hate" is an on-going wave against discrimination, "Yes, I am Asian. No, I am not Chinese" is suspected of sowing exclusion and discord.

            It is not the first time Redbubble has created violent or vulgar slogans. It sold "Hipster Hitler" T-shirts in 2011 and was soon boycotted by the Australian Jewish community.

            Similar T-shirts with slogans like "I'm from Japan, not China" or "I'm from Korea, not China" were also sold on Amazon, though they were soon removed after complaints.

            These slogans have obvious connotations. They are isolating Chinese-Americans in a time when it is imperative for all Asian-Americans to stand together.

            "Yes, I am Asian. No, I am not Chinese" also puts double pressure on Chinese Americans amid increasing cases of anti-Asian hatred. Chinese-Americans must tolerate discrimination from white supremacy as well as exclusion from Asian ethnic groups.

            When the world calls for zero tolerance of racism and anti-Asian hatred, provoking dissension among Asians only peddles discrimination and fuels racial hatred.

            A racist won't care where someone comes from and will attack anyone who looks Asian, said German Sinologist Kimiko Suda in March.

            When the fire of hatred spreads, nobody will be spared, whether you are Korean-American or Japanese-American. In a hatred-fueled society, any innocent individual is likely to become a target.

            When confronted with racism toward anyone, our instinct should be indignation, not deflection, Korean-American writer Euny Hong wrote in The New York Times in 2020.

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